Book Reviews

Back Pain – What Works
Joseph Kandel and David B. Sudderth.
Volume 15, number 6, 3/10/97, page 24
A very fair review on various types of treatment of lower back pain. My review includes a long quote on how the authors feel about chiropractors.

Cell Health - Part 1
Greg Barston DC MS

Chart Review: Peripheral Entrapment Neuropathy
Jeffrey Kintish.
Volume 19, number 25, 11/30/01, page 26
A peripheral entrapment neuropathy chart is highly rated.

Chart Review: Sclerotome Pain Charts
Jeffrey Kintish.
Volume 15, number 9, 4/21/97, page 47
Sclerotome pain charts are highly rated.

Clinical Nutrition for Pain, Inflammation, and Tissue Healing
David Seaman.
Volume 19, number 9, 4/19/99, page 25
Dr. Seaman’s first book explains nutritional biochemistry.

Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor, 2nd Ed.
Tom Souza.
Volume 18, number 25, 12/14/00, page 35
Every chiropractor should own this book!

Pain Free
Luke Bucci.
Volume 14, number 11, 5/20/96, page 32
This book came out a year before The Arthritis Cure and is superior to it.

Positional Release Therapy

Kerry D’Ambrogio and George Roth.
Volume 15, number 18, 8/25/97, page 8
Positional release therapy is a muscle energy technique consisting of contraction, relaxation, and range of motion.

Soft Tissue Pain and Disability, 3rd Ed.
Rene Cailliet.
Volume 15, number 15, 7/14/97, page 29
A technical review on the complex issues concerning soft
tissue pain and disability.

Tired of Being Tired
Michael Schmidt.
Volume 13, number 17, 8/15/95, page 36
An outstanding book on the many causes of fatigue.

You Can Be Fit

Steven Horwitz.
Volume 13, number 11, 5/22/95, page 14
My first book review. I may have been a little harsh, although I did expect more. This book is designed for patients, not doctors.

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