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Ergogenic Aids
Substances advertised to enhance athletic performances are
listed with their claims and my opinion based on research.

Tips to Evaluate New Ergogenic Aids

Fluid Loading for Sports & Exercise
What to drink before, during, and after a competition.

Pre-Event Macronutrient Guidelines
What to eat before, during, and after a competition.

Macronutrient Guidelines For Training
A table followed by an explanation of how much protein, carbohydrate,
and fat one should consume depending on your goal.

Vitamins, minerals, herbs, and phytochemicals, which are antioxidants or
are involved in reactions that reduce the number of, or generation of free radicals.

Weight Loss Aids
Supplements advertised to help weight loss are defined and reviewed.

I am proud of my guide to phytochemicals. A revised version of my popular 1995 Table.

Fatty Acid Percentages of Vegetable Oils and Animal Fats
I composed this table for my nutrition chapter in Scott Haldeman’s upcoming textbook
Principals and Practice of Chiropractic, 3rd edition. I’ll bet you cannot find a better one.

Vitamins and Minerals
I made these tables for my chapter in Minerals Principals & Practice of Chiropractic,
3rd edtion. The one's in the book were reformatted by the editors. These are the
originals and (in my humble opinion) are way better.

Alternative Sweeteners, Part 1 - Sugar Alcohols
Volume 22, Number 15, 7/15/04, page 30
I define sugar alcohols and made a table of those most
commonly used in low carb and diabetic foods

Alternative Sweeteners Part 2 - Artificial Sweeteners
Volume 22, Number 17, 8/17/04, Page 40
Focuses on calorie free synthetic sweeteners, like Part 1 it
too includes a Table.

Glycemic Index of Selected Foods and Beverages
Dr. Andersen adapted this table from the comprehensive review
compiled by Foster-Powell et al.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Seafood
DC Volume 25, number 14, 7/02/07, pp. 14&18
Approximate amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids in commonly consumed seafood.
Includes the best animal and vegetable sources.


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